Soccer vs Futsal

The games of futsal and soccer use the same fundamentals, meaning that soccer players can excel at futsal and vice-versa. Futsal pitches, however, offer a number of advantages to soccer pitches, especially for those playing for fun and for health. 

So, what is the difference between futsal and soccer pitches?

More Play Time!

Futsal is a form of soccer that is typically played indoors on a smaller pitch with smaller goals. The smaller field size means that games will be fast-paced, more intense, with more opportunity for goal scoring. In a futsal game, all players are constantly active and engaged.

At Toronto Soccerplex, our pitches are 39m x 25m in the Dome and 41m x 16m in the Main Building. All of our fields have high end artificial turf that provides the comfortable and forgiving softness of grass while maintaining the size and intensity of an indoor futsal pitch.


Another major difference is in the number of players.


In a typical soccer match there are eleven players on each side. In a futsal match however, each team fields 5 players. In official competition, a team can have up to 12 members. There are three substitutions allowed in a game of soccer, whereas there are unlimited substitutions in futsal.

A one hour match on a soccer pitch with 22 players may feel inadequate. A 1 hour match of futsal with 10 players constantly engaged can be more than enough game time for most players.

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Rule Differences
Soccer vs Futsal



  • Ball Size = 5

  • 11 players on pitch

  • 3 substitutions per match

  • Throw-in

  • Running Clock

  • 45 minute halves

  • No time-outs

  • Goal kicks

  • Some contact

  • No absolute time limit to restart game

  • Offside Rule

  • Goalkeeper steps

  • Goalkeeper cannot touch by hand a ball kicked back

  • Unlimited back passes to Goalkeeper

  • No sub for player sent off

  • Corner kick placed in arch

  • Ball Size = 4

  • 5 players on pitch

  • Unlimited “flying” substitutions 

  • Kick-in

  • Stopped Clock

  • 20 minute halves

  • 1 time-out per half

  • Goal Clearance (throw)

  • No shoulder charges or sliding tackles

  • 4-second rule on restarts

  • No Offside Rule

  • No restrictions, but limited to 4 seconds

  • Goalkeeper cannot touch by hand a ball played back

  • One back pass to Goalkeeper

  • Player sent off can be substituted for after 2 minutes or other has scored

  • Corner kick placed on corner